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Predator Caller Remote Control

2.49 usd

This app is simple and easy for predator hunting. It will play any of your audio files to a remote Bluetooth speaker, and offers remote control of any Wi-Fi enabled decoy or attractor.Features and Highlights:- NO Advertisements! None!- No in-app purchases!- easily play your audio calls (MP3 files) to a Bluetooth speaker.- remote commands to a Wi-Fi enabled decoy.
Inexpensive, waterproof, Bluetooth speakers are available on-line for less than $10USD. No need to use someone else's calls or audio, and get rid of all those advertisements! Who needs any in-app purchases? When you are hunting and have a coyote coming in, the last thing we need is to accidentally press an advertisement or purchase.
More and more decoy hardware is available with remote control options, and Wi-Fi enabling allows your smartphone to talk to these devices. Custom commands can be used for your particular Wi-Fi decoy.
Basic usage and demo videos (with a low-cost decoy example) are on the website: